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Mobey, the newly launched mPOS solution for Payment, is live.


Mobey, Your Payment Companion

Focuses on merchant operation, in order to deliver top quality, highly secure and reliable electronic payment solutions. Mobey complies with all national standards of EMV, PIN, NSICCS, and national payment gateway capabilities.

mPOS enables entirely new market segments to accept payments such as retailers, micro and medium sized businesses, tradesmen and food and beverage. Mobey is tapping new opportunities in logistics, distribution, card-on-delivery commerce, and door-to-door canvassers. 

The preferred mPOS device is the PAX D180 for its reliability, brand recognition and PCI compliance for secure transaction processing. Benefits of a mPOS payment gateway are the new services enabled for merchants. We highlight just a few:

  • auto-settlement - no more missing out or forgetting to settle
  • auto-statements - daily auto statements for easy manager review
  • transaction history - anytime access to history of transactions for reconcilliation, download and export

A business owner has more control:

  • individual operators - each with their own login, permissions, and links to transactions
  • receipt management - always accessible receipts with signatures

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